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Before the nightmare by BH-Stables
Before the nightmare
Camille, the daughter of the ex owner of Daemon (Coquelicot) send to Beecher's Hope a picture of her and her favourite horse having a bath time a few years ago. That can show how a few months of neglect can transform such a beautiful animal into a weak, poor beast.

All rights reserved BH-Stables
BH Coquelicot - starting his new life - STORY by BH-Stables
BH Coquelicot - starting his new life - STORY
Name: BH Coquelicot (means "poppy" in French)
Barn name: Coquin, Coco

Age: arround 9YO
Breed: unknown (paint cross)
Gender: Stallion
Coat: Grullo with a large blaze and blue eyes (maybe sabino/splash minimal expression)

Health: Skinny, unmuscled, 2 tendinitis to his forelegs and breathing difficulties. His hooves are in horrible shape.

Personality: Coquelicot is too weak to know his exact personality. But he seems to be very kind and sweet, very emotional. He absolutely loves scratches, treats and to be groom. He is very patient and gentle, he loves human compagny but fears other horses: this is a true sweet heart! 

Annie, the Beecher's Hope Stables owner, was comfortably installed in her bed when she opened her personal journal... She took an ink pen and started to write.

"It's 2am and I never thought this day could be this long and emotional. This morning, when I woke up, I looked my beautiful stables and the horses being groomed, and I remembered how this incredible story started... It was 7am when the phone rang, 2 or 3 times before I even noticed it, as I was day dreaming about my grand parents's creation. It was a young girl, certainly a teen, who called in tears about her lost beautiful stallion. I didn't understood a thing, and I passed 20 minutes to make her calm down, so that she can explain her problem. And then, she started to tell me her incredible story... Few years ago, her mom bought a beautiful horse to makes her dream come true: being a hunter jumping champion. Daemon was a beautiful stallion with an incredible talent for jumping, but also for kindness and serenity. The little girl, who was very young, was very attached to this horse, he was her confidant and very best friend. But a few months ago, her mother and him had a very bad fall. The horse had been injured and got two tendinitis, as the mother get an indelible fear of horses. The only thing that avoid the sale of Daemon was the attachment of her daughter for him. So she placed him in a tiny pasture to make him recover of his tendinitis. But time passed, his legs was still in bad shape, and the mother gave less and less care to the suffering horse. One day, her and her husband decided to move to live far from their land: Australia. At this moment, I heard the young girl holding her breath to avoid to fall in tears. A very long minute passed before she continue to tell me her story. Her parents said that they was going in vacation in a far away land. So the girl thought she was going for 1 or 2 weeks, no more.... 5 months passed, and she cried every night for her lost horse... This morning, she asked her mother when they would go back to their ancient home to take Daemon, but her mother replied the worst thing she ever heard: "Camille.... Stop thinking about this animal. He's probably dead now."... She felt her heart stop for a minute, and cried as she never cried... This idea of her best friend dead couldn't be true. She knew that he was alive, waiting for her or her mother to come back, kind as he was... The girl looked for stables close from his tiny pasture and called them to ask for help. She called 3 stables that refused to go to see if he was still alive. Beacher's Hope stables has her last chance.
I must confess that I didn't believed that the horse could be still alive after this time being alone in such a little pasture, but I promised the girl I would go to see, and that I would call her back when I got the answer. So I asked my husband and our vet to come with me to see a horse at 15min in car from here. They asked me why many times, but I refused to say that we would go to see a probably dead horse.
When we arrived, I could not believe my eyes, as well as my husband and our vet couldn't do. The horse was here, standing on his feet, waiting in his mudy pasture at the door. The provisional electric fences was mainly on the ground, but the horse didn't get out, staying immobile and quiet. Looking on the ground, I saw carrots residues. Someone was probably bringing him some carrots sometimes, and he probably survived with this for months. He was so skinny, in such an horrible shape, but still friendly. He came to us, slowly, hurt by his injured legs and hooves, but he came. Still can't believe what I lived today.
The vet and me stayed by his sides while my husband was gone to get the trailer.
When I put a halter on his fragile head, the beautiful stallion had a cringe, and then I understood that we were not the family he was waiting for. We had a lot of pain to get him out of his mud jail, he didn't wanted to go from his little pasture. But with the help of some treats, he finaly accepted to come with us. He looked back before to enter in , leaving a last look on his past. Then, he gently came in the trailer.
Once at home, I ran to the phone to call the young girl. I felt something I never felt when I heard her cry her joy to know that her beloved horse was now in good hands. She gave me her e-mail so that I can send her a pic of his boy. She asked me if I could keep him and give him a new chance, and I couldn't refuse her quest. Deamon was now the Beecher's Hope property. But before to leave the young girl and to go back to take care of our new broken hearted, I asked her if I could give him another name. She asked why.
When my grandparents arrived on this land, they saw a beautiful green meadow with a great forest. The only thing that wasn't green was a lonely poppy in the field, dancing in the wind, showing its beautiful deep red coloration. My grandma took the flower in her hands and kept it in her herbarium. This poppy brought luck and happiness to my whole family, and I hope that it will bring the best new life to the horse that we rescued today.
She shed a tear before to agree with me for his new name...
It was 5pm when I get back to the horse, after having called the farrier. The poor guy was hanging in his new box, eating slowly the hay that the vet gave him before to go get better food for him. I looked at him, at his beautiful blue eyes....
"Welcome home, Coquelicot."
I passed the rest of the day by his side, unable to leave his gentle eyes.
And now, I can't wait tomorrow to do it again."

Please, don't hesitate to help me with my bad english :')

Design by Ownheart
Skinny horses - for sale by Ownheart
Art by me, no ref
250pts Adoptables by BH-Stables
250pts Adoptables
Need some money :3
So there they come!


:bulletgreen: First come, first serve. BUT, wait my approval to buy it.
:bulletorange: Breed, gender, age and name are up to you
:bulletgreen: They can be use for OC, RPG, HaRPG, but NOT for SIMgames as Howrse and co.
:bulletorange: Once it's yours, you can do everything you wants with it. Resale it, forget it, eat it, I don't mind :3
:bulletgreen: Have fun!

1. Flaxen liver chestnut (spotted tobiano)

2. Sooty bay (rabicano)

3. Bay dun (sabino + Spotted blanket)

4. Sooty sable champagne (tobiano)
For sale 250 :points:

5. Grullo (Frame overo)

6. Flaxen red dun (Splash)
For sale 250 :points:

7. Seal brown roan (near leopard)

8. Liver red dun (sabino)

9. Sooty palomino (Birdcatcher spots)
For sale 250 :points:

10. Blue roan (spotted blanket)
For sale 250 :points:
FREE Adoptables, WINNERS!!! by BH-Stables
FREE Adoptables, WINNERS!!!

:bulletwhite: You can choose ONE horse, ONLY one horse!
:bulletblack: Comment with the number of the horse you want
:bulletwhite: You have until oct. 10th to comment with the horse you want
:bulletblack: I'll pick up randomly the new owner of each horse!
:bulletwhite: These adoptables can be use for RPG, HArpg, OC, etc.... BUT NO SIM GAMES (as Howrse,..)
:bulletblack: Breed, age, name, gender, etc... Up to the new owner
:bulletwhite: Once the horse is yours, you can do whatever you want to do with it. play, resale, whatever. I don't mind.


:bulletblue: Horse n°1:
Frame Overo silver sooty buckskin
WINNER: :iconrvs-riverinestables:

1 RuinedX
2 Lone-Onyx-Stardust
3 ValiantShadow
4 Flamestorm11
5 MythicalPrancer
6 prince-lithium
7 OkamiAmaterasuWH
8 SugarItch
9 horsecrazyfp
10 theZombieTrial
11 angry-horse-for-life
12 DontMessWithMe13
13 nyxxiis
14 Equinera
15 Drasayer
16 Cantatus-Promise
17 xXBeautifulChaos
18 InsperationalWinds
19 Sablewynd
20 dry-oasis
21 SynBrittany
22 Dheelis
23 Cappyandme
24 BRis-love-is-MY-Live
25 zhalia-moon
26 Echodus
27 ChampieB
28 SaintWolfOfEden
29 Weidenhof
30 manonvanes
31 Akrapa
32 Equinara
33 RvS-RiverineStables  :bulletgreen:WINNER:bulletgreen:
34 aimless-claims
35 DravenHeart
36 swagstag
37 Salvada

:bulletgreen: Horse n°2:
Flaxen Liver chestnut
WINNER: :iconratimo:

1 LizLovesLifeMC
2 Arly-Barly-Wartek
3 ratimo                     :bulletgreen: WINNER :bulletgreen:
4 semper-n-aeternum
5 TomorrowFirst
6 holliegril
7 EskimoDogsRule
8 Delayah95
9 mosiebear
10 KittycatNita
11 E-RedTrinity
12 Chumpi-Champi
13 tikimurryareg
14 Ownheart
15 DarkGothicHiokami
16 Lenee1
17 psycoDevil
18 SanneBoers

:bulletyellow: Horse n°3:
Sabino dunalino
WINNER: :iconchokee96:

1 Mustache-Massacre
2 Shehy
3 Austeeny
4 DaytonaBot
5 OrangeDragonFruit
6 Neko-Raccoon
7 SolinaBright
8 AlbinoFacePrint
9 Etskuni
10 Chokee96            :bulletgreen: WINNER :bulletgreen:
11 Miesho

:bulletorange: Horse n°4:
Splashed white grullo
WINNER: :iconluna-bug:

1 rescueagreyhound
2 Luna-Bug                :bulletgreen: WINNER :bulletgreen:
3 adoettei
4 VincnShay
5 AvocetsStables
6 Dezzy-Sky
7 BB-Savou
8 SpartanAmethyst
9 PinkLionArt
10 Khaliferaz
11 Starcather9
12 MistyHills

Congratulation :)
Winners was picked up with


BH-Stables has started a donation pool!
2,050 / 5,000
For adoptables

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