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The blue panda - ID by BH-Stables
The blue panda - ID
New ID again...
I so love my OC Amentia <3
And I so love red pandas è_é
And what about my hot chocolate... :heart:

luv ya all <3
It's the first part of the Halloween rescue adoptables :)
I need help for the stories xD My english sucks so much :')

1- Sabino sorrel
:bulletgreen: EASY
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 5

Story:  This stallion has been found in the box of an abandoned property with no food. The owner of the ranch flew away from the country after he lost all his money and was drowning in debts after his divorce. Fortunately, it has been really quick and we found the horse beforethe water of his automatical trough was cut. We suppose that he stayed here alone for 13 days with no food at all.

Physical condition : Emaciated, the hooves are too long, not trimed since a long time. Will be ridable again.

Realistic evolution:  You will have to feed him very slowly because his stomach is no more used to work. He will gain weigh very slowly, and he will need dietary supplements. You have to trim him as soon as possible and apply clay on his legs for 2-3 months. Will be healthy in 5 months.

you can change:  Gender, age, breed, story.

2- palomino
:bulletorange: MEDIUM
Gender: mare (pregnant)
Breed: none
Age: 3

Story:  An old man died some years ago. Nobody took care of his precious herd. 26 horses has been found in the pasture which was supposed to host a dozen. 1 Stallion, 14 mares and 11 foals and young stallions, and a lot of skeletons.... We supposed that they were living here by their own for 4 years without more food than the natural grass. One of them jumped over the fences and caused a car accident on the road near the pasture. That's how they've been found. This mare is pregnant, skinny and wild.

Physical condition:  Emaciated, 10 months pregnant. Foot are quite in good shape with the natural trimming.

Realistic evolution:  This mare needs to gain weight. But the foal needs a lot of energy and she won't be able to digest other food than natural grass. She won't gain any weight until she gives birth, and once the foal will be there, she would need even more energy. She will lose weight and be extremly skinny until her foal will be able to eat grass by himself, no before. Then and ony then, you will be able to give her more and more cereals so she can gain weight easier. She will need help to give birth because she's too weak. Also, it will be extremely stressful for her because she's wild and afraid of humans. The sire is overo bay.

you can change:  breed, age, story.

3- Bay
:bulletred: HARD
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure arabian
Age: 5

Story:  He was a kind and gentle stallion before 3 teens decided to try their hand-made molotov cocktail on him in his pasture. He turned wild and scared of everything since this attack. Nobody can touch nor even approach him. His owner want to give him to anybody who would be able to give him trust again. She tried, she failed.

Physical condition:  underweight, burned on the left side, mostly from the neck to the leg. hooves has to be trimed.

Realistic evolution:  You will have to put this horse under sedative to heal him. It will take a loooot of time for him to have trust in humans again, he will be afraid of fire for ever. He will be healthy in 4 years and can feel completely safe in 6 years.

you can change:   gender, age, story.

4- Buckskin tobiano
:bulletgreen: EASY
Gender: Mare
Breed: Selle Français
Age: 6

Story:  This poor mare was the toy of a "hard rider" women who beated her for years. Despite of her obvious underwheight and saddle injuries, she was still riden with hard bites. Now this women is in prison for animal abuse. Despite of all this woman did to her, this mare is a pure sweet heart, very kind and friendly.

Physical condition:  Underweight, lot of spurs injuries, saddle injuries, whip injuries, mouth injuries, hematomas, one ear has been cut, cigarette burns on the withers, hooves are a bit too short.

Realistic evolution:  Hopefully this mare is not traumatized and most of the injuries are superficial. Her ear is an old wound that you have to desinfect sometimes. She will keep a lot of scars but she will recover quite quickly, something like 4 months will be ok.

You can change:  Gender, Age, breed.

5- Dapple grey splash
:bulletgreen: EASY
Gender: Mare
Breed: Gipsy Vanner
Age: 1,5

Story:  This young mare has been found in the nature, nobody was looking for her. She have a big wound on the right rearleg and she's a bit underweight. She's young and wildish, doesn't trust in humans.

Physical condition:  underweight, infected injury on the right rear leg.

Realistic evolution:  She needs painkillers and antibiotics for 4 months. The wound will slowly heal by itself after that. She will be completely healthy in 8 months.

You can change:  Gender, story.

6- blanket dunskin
:bulletorange: MEDIUM 
Gender: colt
Breed: Unknown
Age: few days old prematured foal

Story:  The mother of this little cutie unfortunately gave birth prematurately and didn't survived to it. He's 9 days prematured and weak. (a foal can survive to 11 days prematuration, not more)

Physical conditions:  Weak, not strong enough to stand alone, laks of hairs and frontlegs are distorted by the prematuration ( /\ shape).

Realistic evolution:  You need to find a milking mare to feed him by yourself. He needs antibiotics and a lot of attention. He's not safe at all and is near death. If he survives the first 10 days, he will be strong enough to stand by himself and his legs will be fixed by itself. Once strong enough, you can try to find a milking mare that lost her foal to adopt him, but it's very very complicated. He will always be a fragile horse, but he can be strong enough to be riden later.

You can change:  gender, breed.

7- Silver seal brown
:bulletgreen: EASY
Gender: Mare
Breed: Shetland cross
Age: 4

Story:  Found abandoned, chained to a tree. Gentle and shy mare. No more informations.  

Physical condition:  Underweight, deep wound on the neck caused by her collar. Really needs to be trimed.

Realistic volution:  Weak, she will need to gain some weight and strength. She can hardly eat because of her wound, so it will be a long work on her food to give her a right weight. Her collar is so deeply inled in her neck that she needs surgery to remove it properly. Once it's done, you just have to desinfect and put a bandage on it until it's fully healed. It will take aprox. 4 months. You also need to apply clay on her legs during 6 months because of the shape of her hooves.

You can change: Gender, breed, age, story.
Doodling :)

Luv u all :heart:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Röyksopp -Junior
  • Drinking: orange juice
Halloween is coming - ID by BH-Stables
Halloween is coming - ID
Tryin a new makeup fo Halloween party è_é I only have black to paint my face :'(
Lenses are photoshoped... If only I could afford them é_è


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EMILY-LIGHT-REVI Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015
Hi! I want to wish you good luck in your life. You are a great artist. I would like to achieve your level and be a source of inspiration. Thank you. Thank you so muchI am a dummy! 

P. S.
Will you spread tutorials for shading?
Owl-Wood-Stable Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Han, merci beaucoup pour ce watch, venant de ta part cela me fait très plaisir :huggle:
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Oh tu sais, je pensais que je te watchais depuis trèèès longtemps, donc si j'avais pu le faire plus tôt, je l'aurais fait! ^^ :heart:
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Excuse moi pour tout ces favs, mais je viens de retrouver ta galerie.
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Et je suis tellement agréablement surprise par toutes ces magnifiques oeuvres.

Juste, wahou quoi ;__;
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This comes from a person who thinks that your art is amazing and you should keep your art up!
Many Greetings the sweet and powerful Manipure Heart

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Merci infiniment pour le lama ^^

badazal Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I am super curious cause i love your art... What brushes do you use for sketching, lineing, and shading? How do you make the brush lines for the lineart so smooth and solid? Mine are always sorta transparent on the edge of the line and the brush is already set to 100% hardness. I just really love your lines XD
BH-Stables Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i use paint tool sai and the vector layers to do my lines ^^ it's a laye on which each stroke can be edited freely to match perfectly with what you want :)
for sketching i use a simple textured brush, for cellshading a simple brush and for full paintings i use a textured one, the same than sketching but just a little bit less textured ^^
to keep the edges solid, you can chose smooth or hard edges in the options just on top of settings :3
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